is a collaboration:
Nicole Brancato & Douglas Paulson

.soundfullness begins with a piano found in pieces outside of a bar in Queens.

We dragged it to an empty lot and reassembled it, weaving objects into the strings and taping simple electronics to the soundboard: breathing new life into an instrument that had been meant for the trash. 

We celebrate the machinations of the piano by subverting its conventions: a ubiquitous musical instrument that’s seen alternately as precious or as furniture.

We play the piano - and play with the piano - to rediscover sound and the mechanics that make sound.

We invite the public to share in these experiments and play: to get under the hood and tinker; to stuff a bolt in the strings and tickle the ivories.

.soundfullness is a recipient of a 2022 New Work Grant by the Queens Council of the Arts.

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